Biomechanics of Cycling

The purpose of bike fitting is to optimize the comfort of the rider on the bike.  That means optimal performance, cycling aptitudes and injury prevention.


RETÜL is a 3D motion capture system featuring real-time kinematic and dynamic data letting us to analyze the angles and ranks of the rider while she/he is pedaling.

As it is a dynamic bike fitting process, we obtain accurate measuring details that will help us to take the proper decision to reach the ideal position.

With the RETÜL Bike Fitting software we assess the information collected, the postural assessment just to estimate the exact geometry and the suitable pedaling.  The end is to get a millimeter precision between you and your bike.

Your bike fitter and the RETÜL Bike Fitting will help you to improve your comfort, your performance and will prevent pains or possible injuries.


By using the measurement system ‘GP Bike’ it is possible to analyze the individual saddle pressure. This system is comprised of a thin and flexible film upon which 64 sensors have been positioned. The data are wirelessly transmitted to the PC or Laptop, which makes both indoor and outdoor measurements possible.

The film is applied on the saddle and the cyclist may position himself on it without changing his riding style.

In this manner the pressure distribution on the saddle can be measured static as well as dynamic, i.e. while cycling.

Using a colour scale the pressure distribution in the different saddle areas is displayed graphically.

fit4cyclist bikefit

What covers your Bike Fitting?

  • Rider interview,  pains, injuries, targets.
  • Physiological check (articular, hamstring flexibility, footstep, leg-lenght discrepancies).
  • Cleat fitting: very important to ensure comfort and maximize power into the pedals.
  • Initial pedaling recording with RETÜL.
  • Placing led markers, 3D measuring, in movement, with RETÜL system.
  • Real-time analysis, both sides and adjustment (e.g optimum measurements for saddle height reach to the handlebars).
  • 3D Analysis:  final pedaling recording with RETÜL to assess how your knees, heel, hip… work during your pedaling action
  • Final bike measurement with ZIN digitizer.
  • Data report.
  • Follow-up after the bike fitting. * The review of the bikefitting is included during the first month after being done the bikefitting.

RETÜL + mapping pressure Bike Fitting

  • It consists on the RETÜL Bike Fitting + gebioMized (not available) mapping pressure analysis on the saddle.
  • Measurement of the pressure distribution in different seating and handle bar positions.
  • Comparison of different saddle types.
  • Displaying of the results though a colour code or a 3-D pressure chart.
  • Features to analyze asymmetries and phases of loading.
  • Colour printed report (including pressure values and the saddle’s positioning).

The fitting will take 1.5 hours to 2.0 hours.

There is the possibility to go to some other locations


As an I+D CYCLING center, we have the cutting-edge technology and the most advanced tools regarding the Biomechanics of Cycling services